Sabater brings an individualistically dirty but melodic sound that brings to mind early Bauhaus as well as what Courtney Love was doing on the first Hole album.
— - New York Music Daily

Slow Suck

Front lady and lead guitarist Kiki brings the feels with her slow-punk, emo-grunge, heart string breaking tunes and gut kicking lyrics. 

Brooklyn based, heavy distortion, grunge, sick fills, aching hearts.

Slow Suck has been active in the NYC music scene since 2015, moving from four pieces to a power trio determined to bring a new level of poeticism to modern rock music.

Their first EP, "The Sex Tape" in collaboration with Brooklyn band, Schwick, is available on Bandcamp. Their most recent release, "Belly Up" can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and all other major streaming sources.  

Slow Suck has been featured twice on Radio Free Brooklyn, and has received rave reviews from New York Music Daily ever since their early performances at The Paperbox.  

...the rhythm section behind her negotiated those tricky transitions between slow and sinister and screaming punk rock with an impressive elegance... [Sabater’s] unselfconsciously anguished wail drove it all home.
— - New York Music Daily
Slow Suck performing Blood Moon at the "Sex Tape" record release party in July 2016